Monday, August 31, 2009

Collective voices.

Of interest to me is this tiny blurb I got in my inbox today:

"IGDA Announces Dr. Tim Langdell has stepped down from IGDA Board

Monday Aug. 31st, Mt. Royal, NJ: The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) today announced that Tim Langdell has resigned from the IGDA Board of Directors, effective immediately. Dr Langdell had served on the Board since March 2009.

The resignation means that Dr Langdell's seat on the Board is vacated, and will be up for election in early 2010. The special meeting called for the membership in Oct. on this matter will no longer take place."

Looks like the wishes of the membership were listened to, and he respected the IGDA enough to vacate his position. I see this as a win for IGDA members everywhere. Not just because of my opinions on what he is alleged to have done, but because there was a group concerned about the association, and they mobilized to successfully bring about change. In an association where most members don't vote or show up to meetings, this is a great step in the direction of empowering the members.

This post has ceased to be.

Just a quick little note while I get my website situated and running on my new host.

I've deleted the old content because it was old. Besides, gotta start anew when you have a new website. My new website address is:

I'm in the middle of starting a move, and designing a casual game. So, when I get some down time I'll write some here and there, vent my spleen, and wax poetically on the games industry.