Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't be lazy!

Ok, so with my off time, I'm phenomenally lazy... sometimes. For example... I totally mean to write a whole mess of recipes and post them here. Yet, when it comes time to do it, I always have something else to do - make a new dish, work out, watch Gordon "Hot Pan" Ramsey, Top Gear, or other such non-sense. (Although I just found out that the 6 Nations championship will be on BBCa, so I WILL be watching that...)

So, I have to put together a small to do list, and putting it up here will help me keep it straight.
  • Put up recipes that have corresponding pictures sitting in my camera
  • Take above mentioned pictures out of camera and make web ready
  • Work out a weekly update schedule, maybe Tues., Thurs.?
  • Get the word out about my ramblings
  • Start reviewing restaurants, with a focus on my local ones first
  • Track my workouts online, maybe get some pictures up showing me at the start, and on through to the final goal
  • Define "final goal"
  • Buy more Southern Tier Imperial Chokolat Stout
So there it is, not so daunting! (Except for the 8 or 9 recipes I can put up...)

In other news, not having much luck finding a place for snowshoeing up here. It doesn't help that there has been nothing but 35+ degree days, and rain for close to a week now. I'm not desperate enough to put the snowshoes on and go tromping through mud.

My working out is doing phenomenally, even with eating poorly while Carla was gone, I'm still holding at 239#, and I can tell I've got a lot more endurance. The 50's are becoming my warm up prior to the workout, and can easily be used as just a basic cornerstone of my daily routine. It's taking all of about 10 minutes now, although I admit I'm a bit tired at the end. The pushups are still by far the worst.

Today's workout
  • 70 pushups
  • 50 squats
  • 50 bicycle crunches

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