Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training with Jose

Had a good low key workout with Jose yesterday. I've been worried about my form for the squats and deadlift, especially since I'd like to go with higher weights for both, and form is of utmost importance.

With the squats, I need to focus more on a sitting down motion, and keeping my knees behind the plane of my toes. Apparently, you monumentally increase the stress on your knees when you let them go past your toes. I've noticed my knees audibly popping lately during squats, and I think this is it.

For the deadlifts, I tend to go with a lightly bent leg. My form is fine, but he said that if I really want to target those hams, I'll go with a straighter leg.

Learned a couple new lifts today... the overhead squat, and the Power Clean, although he showed me with an added press, to get the bar over your head. Either way, it will take a lot of balance that I currently lack. He also suggested jump squats with weight and squat lunges to build some explosive power.

Oh yeah, guess who is sore from Sunday? Hahahaha!

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