Saturday, January 9, 2010

Swish, Swish, Thump

Ever hear of Winter Trails Day? Me either until about two weeks ago. It seems some amazing people came up with the idea that learning to cross country ski isn't just fun, but should be accessible for people to learn. Not just accessible, but free.

Seems that on January 9th each year, at some places it is free to learn to cross country ski, rentals and resort fees are included gratis as well! So, Carla and I went over to Northfield Mountain in Every, MA. I set us up to take a class on cross country at 3:30pm... it was a great experience. I haven't been on skis for about 14 years.

Everything started coming back to me after a few minutes, even if I wasn't wholly stable. The best part though is that Carla was taking to it well. She took a small spill, which was no biggy, but the best part. She went down a small, steep hill, took it like a champ and came up smiles. First time on skis, and she falls for the thrill of the speed!

Northfield is a neat little place, a little far from Somerville though, about 80 miles one way. The ski place had about 30km of trails that were open, for cross country and snowshoeing. We'll have to try that again, maybe I can get her into the cross country, and then on into downhill.

Could be neat. :)

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